How many days in advance do we need to make an appointment with you?
We would prefer at least a week in advance. As we’re doing house-call, we will be making our appointment schedules according to areas. In this way, we could better serve you and your pets without much delay from the traffic.

Why aren’t you offering detick services?
The reason why we’re not offering detick services is because even if we were to remove the ticks from your dog’s body, the ticks will still crawl back to its host. As we may have removed the ticks from your pet, there are still ticks hiding in your house. Therefore, it would be a waste of our effort and time as well as your money. We would recommend you to bring your pet to a grooming salon for a detick service while you clean up your house by getting the pest control.

If I have 2 dogs, and I only make an appointment for one. Is it OK to request a full groom/basic groom on the same day when the groomer is at my door step?
We would greatly appreciate that you make an appointment with us stating that there will be 2 dogs that requires grooming. However, due to any circumstances that appointment are made for only one dog, we would reject the request of grooming the second dog. As we go by appointment basis, and we might have other appointments after yours and we would not want to cause any delays for the subsequent appointments for the day. Thus, your next dog will have to reschedule for another appointment day.

How long does a full groom/basic groom takes?
For full grooming, the entire process take about 2 to 3 hours.
As for basic groom, it takes about 1 and a half hour to 2 hours. These are just an estimated timing. However, the duration may take longer than expected depending on physical condition (e.g. old age, injured, old injury to take note of) or the dog’s behavior (e.g. timid, aggressive, phobia, uncooperative)

My dog has sensitive skin, can you use his/her own shampoo during shower?
Yes, just let us know beforehand. If it is a prescribed medicated shampoo by the vet, please make sure that the instructions can be clearly seen on the bottle.

If I am unhappy with the groom, how many days after the grooming session do I have to let you know?
If  you’re unhappy with the groom, for example the length isn’t what you want, feel free to let us know within 3 days after the grooming session. We will reschedule with you for a re-groom within our next available slot. However, during the re-groom, it is our responsibility to let you know that we only do the trimming and re-styling of the fur. Other services such as shower, ear cleaning etc. will not be done during a re-groom session.

What is the mode of payment?
Preferred mode of payment, cash. We will be collecting payment before we start the grooming session. We will not accept bank transfer, so please do prepare cash on hand. Due to bad experience, we have decided that paying cash upfront.