Pet Taxi

Frequently Asked Questions

How long in advance must we book your taxi service?
As we only have one fur-rari available, we would appreciate around one to two weeks in advance. If you have a date and time in mind, do contact us as soon as possible. However, you may still contact us if you need a pet taxi, we will try our best to facilitate.

Is your pet taxi crate free?
We would prefer a stress-free pet taxi experience for you and your fur kid. Dogs do not need to be crate unless pawrents prefer. But we would strongly advise to crate your cat, hamster, rabbit or birds for their safety. Do let us know in advance if you need us to provide a crate during the ride.

Can I tag along in the pet taxi?
Sure! We encourage family members to travel with their fur kids. This will help reduce stress and anxiety during travel.

Is there a maximum number of furkids allowed for the pet taxi service?
There’s no maximum number of furkids as long as they can all fit in our fur-rari comfortably. Do note that it is the pawrents responsibilities to ensure the furkids has no aggression issues and can get along well with each other in a enclosed environment.

Why is there an extra $150 cleaning fee?
Do walk your furkids for toilet breaks before the ride. If your furkid is found to have ticks/fleas or if they pee/poo in the car, we have to stop our pet taxi services temporarily and engage a professional cleaning services to thoroughly disinfect and clean the car.