Anaesthesia Dental Scaling vs NPDS

dental scaling

Anaesthesia Dental Scaling

A non-sedated pet is usually not tolerant to a thorough inspection in its mouth. It will tend to fidget a lot and using of sharp instruments can be dangerous. Dental scaling on an awake pet can be a painful experience and may cause unnecessary stress. And if there is a need to extract a loose or decay tooth, it is out of the question for a pet that’s fully awake.

Anaesthesia has several benefits when it comes to your pet’s dental care. It includes:

  • Immobilizing your pet to ensure its safety and cooperation during the procedure.
  • An x-ray can be easily obtained if needed.
  • A thorough examination can be done at all angles and surfaces of your pet’s teeth.
  • Allow scaling to be performed under the gum line where periodontal disease is most active.
  • Pain management.

Non-professional Dental Scaling

The demand for a non-professional dental scaling (NPDS) is on the rise. With owners who are worried and concern about putting their pets under anaesthesia, they turn to NPDS for their pet’s dental cleaning. An NPDS gives pet owners a false sense of security about their pet’s oral health. This procedure is usually done at a grooming salon and is often referred to cosmetic dental scaling.

Firstly, NPDS is performed by a untrain pet groomer or owner of a pet shop. Secondly, problems such as tartar build up below the gum line and gingivitis isn’t addressed during an NPDS procedure. Thirdly, most oral disease happens below the visible surface of your pet’s mouth which will go unnoticed during NPDS.

Usually, NPDS procedure does not deal with gum problems or other risks to your pet’s overall health that can be developed from a disease that starts in the mouth. Pets that undergo an anaesthesia free dental cleaning for years end up with significant dental disease. This requires multiple teeth extractions as they age.

Anaesthesia Concerns and Worries

Anaesthesia will never be 100% safe. Certain factors such as allergic or adverse reactions to drugs cannot be eliminated. Veterinary practices are well-equipped to safely monitor patients and handle any problems that they may encounter.

Consult your vet if you would like to know more about anaesthesia dental cleaning. Do the necessary health check and tests before you make the final decision.