Ear Care

The environment created by the shape of a dog’s ear canal (long narrow L-shape) and poor ventilation contribute largely to the occurrence and re-occurrence of ear infections. Maintaining a clean ear is basic to preventing and assisting in the treatment of otitis.

Hair in the ears and pendulous ears that obstruct the opening of the ear canal help to create a warm moist dark environment. Which is exactly the scenario used in laboratory to culture yeast and bacteria. This then becomes the best breeding ground for an infection.

Not every dirty ears should be cleaned by groomer or pet owner. Some severely involved ears are painful and the canals may be ulcerated. Cleaning such ears may create undue discomfort to the pets. 

If a pus like discharge or fetid odor is present, clean only the ear flap and around the opening of the ear. This requires veterinary attention.

Dog with heavy amounts of oil and wax should have the ears clean often to minimize build up. Excess wax and oil, combined with dead and dying cells creates an excellent medium for bacteria and yeast to grow. Removing it may prevent an ear infection.

Do check on your fur baby’s ears often and clean it after every shower.

P.S. picture shown is a bad ear infection that requires veterinary attention.

Ear Care Products

1. Espree Ear Care

We are using Espree Ear Care for all grooming fur babies. We like how it help cleaning dirty ears better and reduces odour caused by infection.

Note: Not suitable for cats

2. Biogroom Ear Powder

We’ve tried a few ear powder but we still like Biogroom Ear Powder the best. It gives us better grip to remove hair from ear canals in dogs. With better grip, it reduces pain, stress and gives a better experience to fur babies during ear cleaning.

Note: not all breeds require removing hair from ear canals. Consult your veterinarians or groomers before attempting to do it yourself

3. Bark 2 Basic Ear Cleaner

Alcohol-free. Antimicrobial Witch Hazel cleaner in a gentle aloe vera and chamomile extract base. Breaks through tough wax and debris while drying and deodorizing the ear area.

Note: Not suitable for cats

4. Tropiclean Ear Wash

We are using this for our personal fur babies and cats that we’ve been grooming.

It’s alcohol-free. As our fur babies have recurring ear issues due to allergies, we realised Tropiclean Ear Wash helped recovering better as well as reduces odour. It also helped soothe any irritation that may be caused by infections.

5. Facial Cotton

You may purchase this from any Watson, Unity or Guardian stores.

What’s ear cleaning without the cotton right?

6. Ear Forceps

We use this when we remove hair from ear canals as well as using it to hold the facial cotton when cleaning the ears.

We find that using ear forceps with cotton gives a sturdier feel than using cotton buds.

How To Clean Your Fur Baby’s Ears

To purchase products shown here, PM or WhatsApp us at (+65) 9758 3568 to order.

SOS Pet Paw Cleansing Foam

SOS Pet Paw Cleaning Foam


Our Price: $15
Text or WhatsApp us at (+65) 9758 3568 to order

SOS Pet Paw Cleansing Foam

SOS Pet Paw Cleansing Foam clever ways of keeping your pets cleaner and healthier do the job simply, conveniently and cost-effectively. No one ever knows when they have become contaminated by nasty bacteria. Our clever sanitizer makes your pets too squeaky-clean for bacteria to hang onto, so they are all healthier. Keeping your pets clean reduces infections.

Direction To Use

After walks or toilet — Simply push on the foam nozzle. Apply directly on the paws. The soft silicone brush head helps achieve deep cleansing on the gentle paws. Dry with a towel, or paper towel. No rinsing needed. Apply more to ensure even distribution if needed. May repeat as often as necessary.

Our Reviews

After coming across this product online, we decided to order and give it a try ourselves. Sometimes pet wipes or baby wipes don’t thoroughly clean their paws after a walk. Washing can be a chore as we need to dry their paws right after. And some products can be drying to their paws which we have to get paw balm to moisturize their cracking paws.

Upon receiving the product, we immediately gave it a try by bringing our two fur babies out for a walk. The product itself is easy to use. As you squeeze the nozzle, the foam will emerge out at the soft bristle brush. Both of our fur babies are small breeds thus we only squeeze half a pump. A full pump in our opinion is good to clean one paw of a medium or large breed dog.

The brush of the product immediately turned dirty after cleaning their paws. After wiping away the foam’s residue on their paws, we decided to use a clean baby wipe to wipe their paws. This is to see how effective this product can clean their paws. To our amazement, the baby wipe came out clean! Usually, it took about 2 to 3 baby wipes to clean their paws yet still have a little dirt stuck to their paws. But after using this SOS Pet Paw Cleansing Foam, their paws seem to be squeaky clean.

Our fur babies have the habit of licking or chewing on their paws. Probably due to irritation after their walk, however, they did not lick or chew after using the product. Yes, we’re amazed and no, we’re not exaggerating how good this product is.

SOS Pet Paw Cleansing Foam does not dry your pet’s paws. Instead, it’s quite moisturizing and we’ve been using it on a regular basis after their walks or after their toilet break.