Raw Food: Freeze Dried vs Air Dried

Often times, we get pet owners asking us what’s the difference between freeze dried and air dried pet food? And which is better in terms of nutritional values.

Raw Food

raw food

Firstly, they are both raw food that has been processed either by freezing or air drying method. These methods are making it convenient for raw feeding to your pets. It is good for owners who do not wish to handle raw meats and contaminate them during the process. Owners who would wish to transition their pet to raw diet may opt to feed either freeze dried or air dried pet food to their pet for a start.

Freeze Dried

Freeze drying removes moisture from the meat without moving the food from its raw state. It is first frozen at low temperature and pressured. During this process, reassured that the product is never taken out beyond the freezing point.

Products like K9 Natural, Primal, Woof and Raw Rawr are a few popular freeze-dried in the market.

Air Dried

Air-dried is a process where moisture is being removed through evaporation. Like freeze-dried food, it retains all the nutritional values of the ingredient so that your pet gets all the benefits of the raw food.

Products like Ziwipeak, Wellness Core Air-dried and Absolute Air-dried are a few popular choices in the market.

Our Conclusion

Both are equally good in our opinion. Our dogs tried most of the brands and we would say so far no allergies. In fact, our Shih Tzu’s skin got better after we switched over from kibbles. But of course, we avoid duck as he is allergic to it.

So if you would like to give your pet a new healthier diet, we would recommend freeze dried or air dried. Do a trial and error as each dog reacts differently. What might be suitable for our dogs might not be suitable for yours.