SOS Pet Paw Cleansing Foam

SOS Pet Paw Cleaning Foam


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SOS Pet Paw Cleansing Foam

SOS Pet Paw Cleansing Foam clever ways of keeping your pets cleaner and healthier do the job simply, conveniently and cost-effectively. No one ever knows when they have become contaminated by nasty bacteria. Our clever sanitizer makes your pets too squeaky-clean for bacteria to hang onto, so they are all healthier. Keeping your pets clean reduces infections.

Direction To Use

After walks or toilet — Simply push on the foam nozzle. Apply directly on the paws. The soft silicone brush head helps achieve deep cleansing on the gentle paws. Dry with a towel, or paper towel. No rinsing needed. Apply more to ensure even distribution if needed. May repeat as often as necessary.

Our Reviews

After coming across this product online, we decided to order and give it a try ourselves. Sometimes pet wipes or baby wipes don’t thoroughly clean their paws after a walk. Washing can be a chore as we need to dry their paws right after. And some products can be drying to their paws which we have to get paw balm to moisturize their cracking paws.

Upon receiving the product, we immediately gave it a try by bringing our two fur babies out for a walk. The product itself is easy to use. As you squeeze the nozzle, the foam will emerge out at the soft bristle brush. Both of our fur babies are small breeds thus we only squeeze half a pump. A full pump in our opinion is good to clean one paw of a medium or large breed dog.

The brush of the product immediately turned dirty after cleaning their paws. After wiping away the foam’s residue on their paws, we decided to use a clean baby wipe to wipe their paws. This is to see how effective this product can clean their paws. To our amazement, the baby wipe came out clean! Usually, it took about 2 to 3 baby wipes to clean their paws yet still have a little dirt stuck to their paws. But after using this SOS Pet Paw Cleansing Foam, their paws seem to be squeaky clean.

Our fur babies have the habit of licking or chewing on their paws. Probably due to irritation after their walk, however, they did not lick or chew after using the product. Yes, we’re amazed and no, we’re not exaggerating how good this product is.

SOS Pet Paw Cleansing Foam does not dry your pet’s paws. Instead, it’s quite moisturizing and we’ve been using it on a regular basis after their walks or after their toilet break.

Tropiclean SPA Facial Cleanser

Tropiclean SPA Facial Cleanser

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Tropiclean SPA Facial Cleanser

This mild, yet concentrated, lightly foaming facial cleanser soothes and balances the skin. It has natural exfoliating activity and is slightly hydrating. The refreshing blend of vanilla and blueberry effectively removes dirt and tear stains, and will not irritate eyes. SPA Facial Cleanser is great for all skin types and pets of all ages.

Direction To Use

Shake bottle well before using. Wet the affected area, lather cleanser, then gently scrub. Let sit for 3 minutes, then rinse your pet’s face. Keep out of eyes. Heavily stained areas may require daily use until the stain is removed. Weekly application will prevent future stains.

Our Reviews

tear stain

Our poodle is having a bad tear stain since the day we adopted her. Choosing a product for her tear stain issue isn’t an easy task. We would avoid products that contain antibiotics as long term use can be harmful to her health. A friend of ours introduces Tropiclean SPA Facial Cleanser to us. After reading and research through the ingredients and product, we decided to give this a try.

It was advised to be used daily for the start. However, we wouldn’t want to wash her entire face daily and drying her fur afterward is tedious. Let’s say, we’re a little lazy on that part. Since the main concern is the stain, we decided to try out this method that we came up with.


We diluted a little of the facial cleanser in a bottle and sprayed the solution on a facial cotton. We used it to wipe around the stained area and we’re surprised to see the dirt and stains on the cotton. After which, we used Eyerific cleaning solution, pouring some on a facial cotton and wipe the area. Continue wiping till there’s no soapy feeling. After which, we used a dry cotton to pat dry the eye area. Continuing this method daily, we realised the staining got lighter.

During her weekly shower, we would use a little concentrated of the facial cleanser to scrub the affected area and around her muzzle. It is part of maintaining her tear stain problem.

VetWerkz VetaHex Antiseptic Shampoo

Antiseptic Shampoo

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VetWerkz VetaHex Antiseptic Shampoo

VetaHex provides relief for an itchy and flaky skin. It is a mild antiseptic base shampoo that is gentle to the skin and coat. It degreases oily coat and flaky skins. Cleans well without stripping the skin and coat’s natural protective oil. It contains conditioning properties as well.

Directions To Use

Massage shampoo on to the wet coat and lather thoroughly. Soak for around 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing. Avoid getting water into ear canals or eyes.

Suitable to be used twice unless otherwise stated by your veterinarian.

Our Reviews

Lately, our Shih Tzu is having skin issues. We have tried head and shoulders but that didn’t work. We decided to try VetaHex and we are happy with the results.

He gets itchy easily and often scratches himself. Occasionally there would be a patch where the skin looked raw due to obsessive scratching. We heard about how good VetaHex is and we decided to give it a try. VetaHex is considered a medicated shampoo with antiseptic properties. It doesn’t strip off the natural oil on your pet’s coat but to moisturize it as well. Most medicated shampoo that I came across isn’t nice smelling. But VetaHex smells nice and gives your pet a refreshing feel after a shower.

Our Shih Tzu was diagnosed with yeast infection during his first visit to the vet in August 2016. That was when we noticed he had an ear infection and his skin seem to be getting pretty bad. We were recommended to change his diet to help with the infection which probably caused by an allergy. However, we decided to go a step further to help ease our boy’s itchiness. That’s when we stumble upon VetaHex and that’s when we started using. We diligently showered him every 3 to 4 days, about twice a week.

We noticed our Shih Tzu’s skin got better. His yeast infection is under control and still is now. Occasionally his skin will flare up where he will scratch his skin raw and red. After using the shampoo, the redness lessens and within hours it’s gone. He scratched lesser now which is a good thing. At least we know he is much more comfortable and less itchy after using VetaHex.

If you would like to give this shampoo a try, text us for a sample.

** Disclaimer: Product may vary on individuals. We do not guarantee 100% positive results.