Animal Communication

Distance Animal Communication

3 Questions15mins (unlimited qns)

We’re still new to Animal Communication thus the introductory price and will start small. Price may change in 2024.

What’s Distance Animal Communication?
Our Animal Communication will be done via Whatsapp/Telegram text. This allows both pawrents and us to have something to reference if needed.

What to prepare?
A recent clear facial feature portrait of your fur kid, name, age and gender. And the questions you would like us to help convey to your fur kid.

Why there are two options for Animal Communication?
To suit different pawrents needs. Some pawrents don’t have much or are unsure what to ask, and they could opt for the 3-question option as a trial. If you have plenty of questions that you wanted to ask your fur kid, the 15mins option would suit you.

When is the Animal Communication Sessions Held On?
Weekdays only. Text us to check on availability.