Dog Walk – 13 & 14 Oct 2021

DeeDee, Goldendoodle

Accepting the job

We received a request to walk a Goldendoodle on the evening of 13th October and on the morning of 14th October. It’s been a while since our last dog walk and we’re very much excited and gladly agreed to the job offered.

The pawrent gave us a heads up that his Goldendoodle may not be dog friendly and might lunge forward when she encounters other dogs and we just need to make sure we’re holding on to the leash tightly. With that information, we’re very much excited to meet this Goldendoodle and wonder how much fun the walking sessions will be.

meeting DeeDee

Our hearts melted when we met Deedee. She greeted us with excitement yet gently. She’s smaller in size than we expected for a Goldendoodle, and so our feet are safe from the excited stampede. Deedee waited patiently for us while we were chatting on the phone with her pawrent before the start of our walk.

She did get all so excited when we’re about to leave home for her walk, but we’re pretty amazed how cooperative she was to allow us to hook the leash on her harness. Most fur kids that we had to put the harness or collar on aren’t cooperative, so it was indeed a nice surprise with Deedee.

Walking within the Condominium’s Compound

We’ve walked quite a few fur kids before Deedee and most of the walks are at the nearby park or around the HDB estate. It was our first time walking within the condominium’s compound and we were surprised at how huge it was! Although we did our homework by using google map to check out the place, it was different to be walking in it.

We’re not exaggerating, but there’s ample space to walk in the compound and to avoid other dogs as well if need to. Although our first walk was in the dark, which is difficult to navigate at some corners due to poor lighting, it’s a nice place to stroll after dinner if you’re staying there.

Our second walk was in the morning which made it easier for us to walk around and avoid stepping on other dogs’ pee and poop which the pawrents didn’t clear. With the nice sunlight shining down, we get to walk to corners that we didn’t get to the previous night. It’s a nice environment, to be honest, it would be even nicer if the pet owners staying there would be considerate enough to keep the place clean.

Our experience walking Deedee

Deedee didn’t lunge forward when we came across a few dogs during the walk. Although she was curious and interested, with a gentle “let’s go”, she followed me in another direction. After her walking session, we shared this experience with her pawrent and we think she only lunges towards other dogs when her pawrent walks her.

She’s also a sweet girl who doesn’t pull on the leash much, instead, she walked next to us in a relaxing manner. She made the experience a nice one and it was a little sad when our second session was over.

Hoping to see her again in the future. Till then, we’ll reminisce about the time that we had together.

We did a video of our session and we’ll be sharing it with everyone. Enjoy.
Note: Video has been edited to be at 2.5 times speed cos TikTok only allows 1-minute video.