Supawvisors in Training

Early this year, we adopted two kittens who needed a home. We’ve zero experienced in having cats and we needed to learn and get the necessities ready before their arrival. Everything happened fast and we welcomed them to our humble abode less than two weeks when we first met at the fosterer’s place.

We managed to get some temporary cat scratching pole as the ones we ordered online was still shipping over. Visited some pet stores to stock up on some kitten canned food as we were told getting wet food is better for cats. Choosing the right food can be challenging as we needed to be sure that they’re complete diet for them.

Let us introduce you to our new supawvisors in training! They’re domestic shorthair, we’re not very familiar with cat breeds, so let us know if we got it wrong. They’re both boys and we were told they’re siblings.

White Ginger is Coder.
Ginger is Chunker.
They’re around 7 months old as of this post.

Having them in our pawmily brings lots of chaos, mess, happiness, frustration, and sometimes panic. No, we’re not complaining but more happy that we could give them a home. They made the home livelier since we have two seniors at home who aren’t as active as before.

It’s a whole lot of learning as we embark on the journey as cat pawrents. We’ll update more if we ever remember to.