Happy Lunar New Year!

Greetings from GPS

Happy Lunar New Year! We’ve come to an end to our peak month and we’re thankful for everyone’s support. For without you, we probably wouldn’t survive this period. The fur kids are always our motivation to push forward to strive for the better.

On this joyous occasion, we wished everybody good health to both the pawrents and fur kids. And may whatever we wish for do come true.

CNY 2022 Personal Reflection

To be honest, this peak month is our annual dreaded month. It’s a stressful moment trying to fit everybody in to be on schedule to look awesome for the lunar new year. But there’s always a handful that we have to disappoint due to our packed schedule.

Every year, we would reflect on how we could do things better. Frankly speaking, there’s none. We’ve tried all sorts of methods and the results are the same. We just can’t fit everybody in our packed schedule and please everyone. This is where we seek everyone’s understanding during this busy period.

Despite everything, we will reflect and hope for the better in the following year. Till then, let us enjoy the year and worry about that later.

Last but not least, thank you everyone for sticking by us.

Team Grooming Pit Stop